Its no secret that we have been producing music for over two decades now, so I guess you might ask “what do we do with all that material?”. Well for one, we try to get  them placed in some of the projects that we work on but by and large we’ve managed to amass a lot of work thopenvaultat for the most part  are sitting on hard drives waiting to find a home.

So why “Open Vault”? Well, some things you can’t…

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Reminiscing on Sampling

Back in the 90′s when we had the Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus sampler, building a beat was no 15 minute process. Truth be told, with all the technology available and producers boasting that they can make a beat in 5 minutes, I still take days, weeks, months and sometimes even years to finish a track. But back when you had samplers like the Ensoniq EPS16, ASR 10, AKAI S900 and the ever so popular MPC 2000,…

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AdWorks on YouTube

This is some of the commercial audio work we’ve done in recent times compiled into a youtube playlist.